Some Fabulous New Gear In our Lab.

So yea !
We got a great passion for analoque synths and we got some great new (vintage) gear for our laboratory.

First of all the AMAZING Roland Super Jupiter (MKS80 + programmer)

Secondly, we got 1 part of the Roland System 100 (Part 101), we’re now saving up to buy the other parts
Fantastic analogue machine this, get one if you ever come across it!

And last but NOT least, a lovely analoque drum computer, the Vermona DRM MK2
Vermona DRM

A great show at Chakra Party

OH DEAR ! ..We’ve been away for sometime on our website,
the Shambok site was hacked, and offline for a month,
But forunately we managed to sort things out….and we’re back in business.

We had a blast at the always fabulous Chakra Party in de Graanbeurs in Breda !
Fantastic location, amazing crowd.
looking forward to play there again somewhere soon.
Chakra Party

Review Of L.M.I by Richard Foster

An album review by: Richard Foster for Little Machines Inside on Incendiarymag

“In some ways this is a band that is coming to terms riding their own genre and decade-hopping sound. The record’s restlessness can be both its strength and its weakness, and there are times where you are wondering what is coming next but just enjoying the music for the hell of it.”

Click HERE for the whole review

I quess we’re all over the place with our music, lol.
Too many genres, Too much diversity.
Time for some new shit. !