TechnoNine (Herr Zimmerman Records)

Fabulous Stuff….
TechnoNine is appearing on the great  release “Techno Hits From Space” on Rotterdam based label Herr Zimmerman.


Just a Teaser, Geezer.

WOOP WOOP ! Yesssss,…..Next one up is the  “Heroin House EP”.

Out the 7th of July on Police Records (FR).

Here’s a tiny teaser of Heroin House (part 1)

And a big thanks to NerdyFrames  for rating it a 5/5 already. Thanks for the Love

Kirlian Camera – Edges (Remix)

Check out the remix we did for Kirlian Camera !

We made both the “Shambok Remix” & the “Acapella and Pad Version”.

There’s some other great mixes by: John Fryer and Starion as well.

Released on: Italian Records (EXIT0008)


Atahualpa – Ultimo Imperio Remix

Out this December on Italian Label : Dance Floor Corporation is a brand new remix we made of 90s Rave classic Atahualpa -Ultimo Imperio.

Apart from the Shambok Remix, there’s some great remixes from Lineki & Bern, Paul Carpenter and Miss Nina Flashback as well.

Distribution by Kompakt FM.

You can check out our remix right here.

IMperio Hoes

New Release on Italian Records

We are happy to announce that Italian Records will be releasing our remix of: “Diviacchi – Waiting for the Heaven” in November.

It comes in a handpainted / Handnumbered Limited sleeve (350 pieces) which we made ourselves.

There’s four mixes in total, 2 are on the 12 inch, and another 2 are distributed digitally.

Distribution by: KOMPAKT FM.

Would you like to order a copy ? you can do so at the KOMPAKT website.

Shambok WftH sleeve